H3H3 Production’s Ethan Klein shares his concerns during his recent live broadcast after Twitch star Felix Lengyel aka xQc revealed that he will counterclaim his DMCA strike for streaming Olympics.

Ever since xQc got banned on Twitch for showing snippets of the Tokyo Olympics on his channel and hit back at the IOC with a counterclaim, the situation has been a huge talking point among other content creators.

In response to the possibility of Evolved Talent Agency CEO Ryan Morrison representing xQc in a lawsuit against the International Olympic Committee, popular YouTuber Ethan Klein said that he was “very, very nervous” based on prior dealings with Morrison.

During his recent stream of his new show H3TV, Ethan Klein said that he was represented by Morrison back in 2016, when he was sued by YouTuber Matt Hoss over a parody video. During this time, Klein explains he and his wife almost sued Morrison for malpractice after seeking new counsel during the case.

Ethan expressed his concern, saying; “He is a horrible attorney that royally screwed us, and the fact that he’s handling this makes me very, very nervous. We almost sued him for malpractice. The next attorneys we got, who were extremely competent, were just outraged about how he handled this.” He also stated that he fears Morrison may be leading xQc into a bad decision, which could potentially land not only the streamer, but the whole platform in trouble in terms of what is deemed fair use.

Ethan wasn’t afraid to share his thoughts. However, it hasn’t seemed to impact xQc’s decision in the slightest. So, it will be interesting to see how the Twitch DMCA counter-claim will play out.