When a streamer unintentionally walked on its monkey friend during a live broadcast, the monkey attacked him as the audience watched. 

Just Chatting and IRL livestreams frequently feature bizarre, absurd, or genuinely frightful circumstances. Streamers have been robbed, had their possessions taken from their hands live, and have even been embarrassed by their discussions while out in public. Though not the only unexpected thing is people. Livestreamed animals are even more erratic and frequently produce some of the oddest content you’ll ever see.

TheRealMoisesB, a YouTube streamer, learned this the hard way on May 18 while he and his buddies traveled across Kathmandu, recording their journey live.

Moises’ companion unintentionally walked on one of the monkeys while they were simply moving between them, causing them to yelp slightly in pain. The monkey, much like humans, was quickly defended by their companion, who flung themselves at the man who fled as soon as he realized he was in danger. The two monkeys remained where they were, watching their unidentified attacker dash off into the distance before moving on to carry on with their daily activities. 

It’s not the first time a monkey has encountered issues while being streamed live. One IRL Kick streamer was also afraid after being pursued by a monkey earlier in May 2023. Of course, if you’re a streamer traveling through Asia or somewhere else where monkeys might be scurrying about the streets, we urge you to observe them from a distance rather than risking a fight you don’t want to have.