Twitch star Felix lengyel aka xQc has recently shared one thing he didn’t like during the just-finished Sh*tcamp 2021 event and address it during his most recent live broadcast.

Twitch streamer QTCinderella announced Sh*tcamp 2021, which took place on September 27, 2021. This event was the Fall installment of the Shit Parody series, which followed the Winter Sh*tSummit event earlier this year. A total of 32 popular content creators attended Sh*tcamp 2021, including members of the OfflineTV and 100 Thieves content creation groups.

While xQc stated that he enjoyed his time at the event, there was one aspect that he did not seem to like.

While xQc expressed satisfaction with his overall experience at Sh*tCamp 2021, he also revealed that he has already begun planning events for the following year’s event. One of the wacky concepts that xQc was particularly enthused about was a streamers-only version of an island survival challenge, as the streamer also teased multiple collaborations with fellow Sh*tCamp 2021 creators.

Despite these points, xQc had one major critique of the event. The streamer implied that he was not afraid to speak his mind and critiqued anything he considered to be a problem.

Here’s what he said; “Everyone’s giving me compliments about the event. You know what? I’m going to through some f***ing shade. Everybody is being nice. I’m going to do the opposite. I’m going to be rude. Every day, the fridge had nothing but beer in it. Nothing. Every f**king thing. Top, middle, whatever. Only beer.”

As a result, while xQc had a great time at Sh*tCamp 2021, he complained that the fridges were only stocked with beer. To make matters worse, the streamer said that he had ordered food for himself five or six times, but that it had been “poached” by everyone. When the others ordered meals, they, on the other hand, refused to share.

xQc was clearly joking when he suggested that his fellow streamers purchase dinner for their “homies” as well. He ended by saying that he wasn’t upset about it and that he had a good time at the event. While he shared a number of plans for the future Sh*tCamp, the creators involved have only mentioned a Sh*tSummit event that will take place sometime this winter. xQc will very certainly appear in future Sh*t Parody events.