Ninja‘s well-known logo was recently rebranded, and Pokimane reacted to it during her recent livestream.

The latest version of Ninja’s signature logo drew mixed reactions from the public, with many believing that the older version had more flair.

Pokimane reacted to the Fortnite phenomenon’s new logo by making a hilarious comparison to a hedgehog. OfflineTV (OTV) member roasted Ninja’s logo in a more in-depth discussion.

On April 20, the Moroccan-Canadian streamer returned from Coachella and broadcasted for five hours. During the same broadcast, she expressed her thoughts on Ninja’s new branding. During the first few hours of the stream, the Twitch star displayed a tweet from esports shoutcaster and commentator Jake Lucky about Ninja’s official new rebranding as she interacted with her viewers.

Pokimane inquired if her audience was aware of this. She then expressed her feelings about the rebranding, saying that she preferred the old logo.

The content creator attempted to decipher the meaning of the new Fortnite icon’s logo. His logo, according to a viewer in her chat room, represents his iconic hair.

She then drew up a picture of a cute hedgehog on her computer screen and compared Ninja’s new logo to the adorable spiny mammal.

Pokimane’s chat participants suggested that the streamer check out Sentinels’ official Twitter account.

The Valorant streamer was taken aback when he saw the organization’s tweet. She spent the next hour reacting to content suggested to her before switching to Valorant for the second half of her stream.

Ninja’s new rebranded logo was mocked by viewers in the YouTube comment section. Some people suggested that they could create something similar to Canva. The Los Angeles-based streamer is one of the most well-known female content creators on the platform, with over 9 million Twitch followers.