In the $100,000 Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle, a streamer on Team DisguisedToast revealed more about how the competition heated up to the point where it had to be called off a day early.

A Twitch streamer ‘CoconutB,’ provided more context to the moment that sparked a rift among some members of Team Alexby11 as concerns about competitive integrity violations grew during the games.

Disagreements ranged from accusations of participants being “disrespectful” to alleged favoritism for one of the teams, but the situation came to a head after the NA reps appeared to break the rules.

CoconutB reviewed the tape after being labeled a “villain” of the Twitch Rivals event and explained more about his side of the situation, which became a hot topic after the event ended. A video of members of Team DisguisedToast, including CoconutB, has gone viral as proof of their cheating. However, the streamer explains it as retaliation for their opponents doing the same thing to them earlier in the event.

According to CoconutB, not everyone on Team Alexby11 adhered to that structure, so NA players retaliated. However, once inside the opponent’s keep, the door they used to enter was shut, making it impossible for them to leave.

Twitch wanted the two teams to spend the first few days of the competition building up their factions before launching an all-out base raid on the final day.

As the problems grew, teams began to withdraw from Twitch Rivals. DisguisedToast’s team eventually won, and Spanish streamer ‘Nemereth’ was awarded the $2,000 bonus for the player with the most kills.