A well-known Twitch streamer Amouranth recently revealed that she is now assisting in the launch of Shush Club, a blockchain-based rival to OnlyFans. Currently, Amouranth is listed as a brand advisor. She will therefore support the new adult NFT market with her vast expertise in content creation and streaming.

Shush Club is presently being created. It offers a blockchain-powered alternative to platforms like OnlyFans and aims to become an accessible adult NFT Marketplace, but it also makes the claim that it pioneers a revolutionary infrastructure to support the rapidly growing creator economy.

Shush Club promises to support both small-scale and large-scale creators like Amouranth. This will be accomplished by promoting and increasing traffic to their page, giving them the chance to sell their goods, and generating opportunities for advertising.

Additionally, Shush Club wants to use blockchain technology to give creators chargeback protection while providing instant payouts via the native $SHUSH token and limitless earning opportunities.

Moreover, $SHUSH tokens are only subject to gas costs, unlike conventional payment processing services, which can impose an 8% commission. Fans can also buy content using the native token without providing any personal information.

Amouranth AKA Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, is the second-most watched Twitch streamer with over 5.5 million subscribers. Amouranth is a successful streamer and also has a number of other businesses, including stocks, real estate, a manufacturer of pool toys, and more.

One of the top creators on OnlyFans, Amouranth makes an estimated $1.5 million each month. She did, however, just make the announcement that she is leaving OnlyFans. Instead, she is starting an e-girl agency to support the growth of other female content producers.

Amouranth will also support Shush Club, which is expected to be OnlyFans’ blockchain rival. She tweeted about her collaboration with Shush Club. The support of such a well-known internet personality will undoubtedly aid Shush Club’s expansion.