Twitch streamer and former Australian army man Paul Licari aka Pestily has now achieved another milestone as he recently overtakes biggest name streamers on the platform such as Tfue and NICKMERCS in the platform’s all-time subscriptions as his 50-day subathon powers on.

Pestily has been actively streaming on Twitch since October 2017, right around the time he quit the Army, where he worked as an infantryman for eight years. After feeling the need to do something different in life, Pestily took a three-month long break during which he decided to try his hands at Twitch streaming.

With the subathon having become popular on twitch right now after twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren hosted his own managing to break some Twitch records, Pestily has been the latest to jump on the trend. He is currently in the middle of a 50-day subathon event that began around June 30th and is still ongoing. Now, he cracked a full month live on July 30, and chalked his name into the history books at NICKMERCS and Tfue’s expense.

He is now the seventh most subscribed Twitch streamer of all time gaining 81,836 subscribers which puts him way above several huge streaming stars such as Anomaly with 70,420 subs and Tfue with 69,586 subs. On twitter, Pestily thanked his fans and followers who supported him all the way through his subathon stream. He wrote; “What a ride! With 20 days to go! Let’s see what random crap I can do from here. Thanks so much for this incredible experience!”

Pestily’s ongoing stream puts another big Twitch star in his sights too as he is less than 728 subs behind xQc’s high-water mark with 82,564 subs. According to Pestily, his subathon had “already been so awesome” that he didn’t want to keep setting bigger targets. “I’m not going to put that one up,” he said. “We don’t need to force anything.”