Yabbe, a variety streamer, has been abruptly suspended from Twitch. Many viewers were perplexed by the inexplicable ban, and some wondered why Twitch had sanctioned her. 

The most enjoyable gaming and Just Chatting streams are what make Yabbe famous. On her YouTube channel, she regularly posts collections of her memorable Twitch performances.

Yabbe had previously experienced a good amount of controversy on the platform. She criticized the Twitch channel Adorable_Kittens in 2021 for operating a cat mill and displaying the felines they produced. Additionally, she once had a falling out with OTK member Mizkif over a crude remark he made about her. Yabbe was banned from Twitch on June 3rd, according to the Twitter account StreamerBans, although neither Yabbe nor Twitch offered an explanation. The streamer, however, appeared to be laughing it off as she made light of the situation by posting a screenshot of a message she sent about “leaving,” most likely Twitch. She also posted a YouTube reaction video to one of her earlier clips that had been broadcast prior to the ban. 

The information also made its way to the Livestream Fail subreddit, where numerous users attempted to explain what Yabbe done to earn his suspension. Some claimed it was because she allegedly typed “all men should die” while inebriated on her offline Twitch chat. Even the Yabbe’s Twitch conversation record from before she was banned was revealed by Reddit user NightStickSteve.

When some of her viewers started getting banned from chat, Yabbe wrote out the statement mentioned earlier, according to her boyfriend and fellow streamer NymN. Usually, hostile and abusive comments made on Twitch or YouTube chat result in bans for Twitch viewers.

Yabbe and Twitch haven’t responded to the rumors around the ban as of this writing. Twitch has the authority to prohibit or suspend streamers for a variety of reasons, including harassment and copyright violations when watching particular YouTube or other media. Many have already remarked that the automatic ban system on the platform may be unjust because users risk losing their income, especially if they are unsure of exactly what they did wrong. Thankfully, streamers can ask Twitch to lift their ban or suspension and restore their account. They might have to wait a few hours, days, or worst, months or years to return to the platform.

Making a second Twitch account to continue streaming to their audience while getting around their initial suspension has been one solution used by some streamers. Ideally, Yabbe won’t have to wait too long for her to join Twitch again.