After being asked whether he would want to have kids that are equally skilled at video games as he is, Twitch star Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud expressed his opinions on having kids during his latest stream.

Shroud has become one of the most popular streamers across platforms as some also call him a role model of the gaming community.

During his recent stream, while he was sharing some of his thoughts about the Valorant Champions Tour or VCT, it seems like the viewers and the members of the gaming community were interested in learning more about shroud, including him, about having kids in the future.

When Shroud was asked if he cared about not having a legacy when he was gone, Shroud was quick to respond stating that he “could care less” Even with all the success of the world at his disposal, along with great financial stability, Shroud still isn’t eager to have kids yet.

Shroud feels that most people do it in conformity with traditional social structures and practices as he stated; “I think a lot of people feel like that’s something they have to do in their life, and that’s why they have kids. I personally don’t feel like that’s something I have to do.”

According to what they’ve talked about during the stream, it seems like even though he currently wants nothing to do with kids, he is still smart enough to acknowledge that his desires might change with time. He doesn’t really go into what he would do if he felt like having kids a few years later. It is unlikely that the popular streamer will get into a serious commitment like that soon.