The many intricate gameplay elements that Fortnite contains are not easy to master. Players must not only learn and master gun duels, but also perfect builds and edits to an absurdly high level. Ninja has built his brand around learning the ropes, where most people have failed.

Epic Games’ creation brought together a former professional Halo player and a veteran of the FPS genre. He not only built a career on his incredible talent, but he also helped propel the game to new heights of success. But how long did it take Ninja to ascend to the status of Fortnite’s god? The answer to this mystery has been discovered thanks to leakers.

Jake Lucky sent out an interesting tweet that highlighted the streamer’s exact playtime. Ninja has spent more than a year inside the game, so it appears that gamers will have to spend a lifetime or more to catch up to him.

The news was shocking, and it captured the attention of fans. Ninja’s illustrious career included a period when he did not touch anything else but this game. There was no other Battle Royale game on the market that could match the intrigue and rewarding gameplay of this one.

The rush of euphoria felt by gamers when they outplayed their opponents, trapped them in a building with a trap, or killed them with a boogie grenade were all memorable. Tyler excelled at providing a gaming experience that few others could match.

Builds and editing helped to shape Fortnite into the game it is today, giving it a distinct identity. However, the developers removed this gameplay feature from the game in the most recent seasonal update.

This move should have killed the game, but it actually aided it in exploding even further. The community is divided on this issue, but the new changes have undoubtedly increased the number of players.

With all of the positive feedback, it appears that no Fortnite is here to stay for a long time.