Bob “Penta,” a well-known GTA RP broadcaster, and Francis “Koil,” the owner of NoPixel, appear to still be embroiled in a bitter spat as the former called out the latter for making recent statements that went viral online.

The dispute started when Penta quit NoPixel after being compared to RateEpics, a contentious streamer who was recently banned from the server for similar behavior, by Koil, who labeled him nasty. Koil has actively discussed Penta since he announced his departure from NoPixel and mocked him for his actions on the server. The former NoPixel member apparently did not like being disparaged and criticized the server owner in his most recent stream, saying: “F*ck Koil dawg, that guy is a f*cking piece of sh*t dude. That guy is a f*cking piece of sh*t! I’m gonna say it, I’m not tiptoeing around anymore. This guy, um, this guy is such a f*cking piece of sh*t.”

Koil was attacked by Penta for the manner he was speaking about him. For context, the former NoPixel member had discussed in an earlier stream how insulted he felt as a result of the server owner publicly disparaging him. When compared to RatedEpicz, a streamer who was recently banned from NoPixel and openly admitted that he could no longer associate with the server, he likewise took great offense. 

Penta remarked in a video that has subsequently gone viral: “I mean, how can I play there when someone’s friend is being outed as an abuser and his response is, ‘What about Penta?.’ Like, how can I play there? How can I be associated with that? So I’m out, I think I’m permanently out.”

The GTA RP star ripped against Koil on his most recent stream, accusing the NoPixel owner of just talking about him and gambling on CS:GO crates. “I don’t even know what his streams are anymore. It’s just him gambling on CS: GO and ranting about me? This guy, it’s actually f*cking pathetic man. This guy’s whole f*cking existence is pathetic. I’m gonna be real dude, that sh*t is f*cked up! His whole existence is just gambling, CS: GO crates and talking sh*t about me.”

On Twitter, he also made the comparison of Koil to “crying girls,” which at the time caused a lot of debate on social media, particularly Reddit: “He said that sh*t about women coming out and crying on Twitter? Okay, alright I guess. Pop off man.”

The former NoPixel member was referring to the clip that is shown above, in which Koil is heard saying the following when opening CS:GO crates: “Of course, it was edgy sh*t and drama-bat. And then make a Twitter post about it later, like all the other emotional girls on the internet dude.”