Tyler “Trainwreckstv” recently suggested moving to a new platform to resume his gambling streams in a tweet. The majority of his community then praised the streamer for doing the same.

Before last month’s bans and restrictions on Slots streaming on Twitch, Tyler was one of the most prominent opponents of the new rules. His recent tweet regarding a potential return to gambling on an unknown platform has inflamed his fans because he has been making hints about creating his own streaming platform for some time. 

On December 1, the streamer requested likes on his tweet in order to promote a “high roller gambling” stream; “LIKE THIS MOTHER F*CKER FOR A DECEMBER 1ST HIGH ROLLER GAMBLING DEGEN RETURN STREAM, PLATFORM TBA”

In the top three most-watched gambling streams on the platform before the ban, with xQc and Roshtein, was Trainwreckstv. The streams were not just a significant portion of his usual streaming schedule, but they also included lucrative sponsorship arrangements with sites that offer cryptocurrency gambling, like Stake. The streamer stated last month that he made an astounding $360 million over the course of 16 months by only gambling on his show. “You want some news to forget about everything you are talking about? Here you go. I’ll release what I got paid since the beginning of my contract. I have been paid $360 million for 16 months of gambling.””

Trainwreckstv has voiced his displeasure with Twitch’s decision to outlaw various forms of gambling, such as slots and roulette, while retaining the possibility of sports betting on numerous occasions. The ban followed the ItsSliker incident, in which the streamer had defrauded viewers and other content producers to feed his addiction. Streamers like Mizkif and Pokimane publicly urged the streaming service, which is owned by Amazon, to restrict gambling on the website because it was reachable to children with impressionable minds. From Twitch has imposed restrictions on the channel’s activities since October 18, Trainwreckstv has not streamed frequently.

He posted on Twitter at about the same time indicating his desire to collaborate with an existing platform or create a new one. claiming that he wants to provide content creators with protection so that they won’t suddenly discover that the platform is endangering their ability to create content. This has sparked speculation about whether the broadcaster may launch his own Twitch rival in light of his on-stream discussions about switching platforms. Most of his followers reacted as follows to the information about a potential return to gambling streams:

Trainwreckstv is one of the most well-known video producers on the site and has been streaming for a long time. He has hundreds of hours of streaming time in games including Among Us, World of Warcraft, Rust, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with more than two million Twitch followers, yet he has primarily focused on slots and gambling.