Mathew “Mizkif,” the founder and owner of gaming organization One True King, and Rich Campbell, a close friend and fellow co-founder, frequently engage in verbal sparring. To Miz’s chagrin, the other members of OTK follow in Mizkif’s footsteps and mock him as well. Or at least that’s what he believes and implies in his tweets.

However, in an interesting turn of events, Rich Campbell, who is currently touring the fascinating country of Italy, appears to be familiarizing Italians with Mizkif in a unique way.

Rich Campbell also encouraged some outlandish behavior that would surely irritate his streamer pal.

Rich Campell’s adventure through the majestic city of Rome was the focus of the aforementioned recent stream titled ITALY| Last Day in Rome with Cyr and Andy.

Surprisingly, while discussing the crevices or “scratch marks” on the road in the walking area, the Twitch streamer goes into great detail about how they came to be, and this is where things get extremely entertaining for Mizkif and all One True King fans.

Rich Campbell is walking through the streets of Rome when he comes across a group of his Italian fans who appear to yell “F**k Mizkif!” after recognizing him.

Rich Campbell burst out laughing at the Italian fans’ actions after publicly mocking his close friend, and he didn’t seem to stop.

He went on to say that the Italian fans and individuals are some of the nicest people he has ever met. During the recent live stream, fans went absolutely crazy, with many of them spamming every Twitch user’s favorite emoticon, “OMEGALUL,” as well as using various slang for laughing.

A few fans even joined Rich Campbell and his Italian fans in the Twitch chat and repeated his words.

There were also a few people who encouraged people to clip, or record a short video of the hysterical act. However, some people were curious as to how the streamer would react to the amusing incident.

Mizkif has recently been streaming r/place, a popular Reddit community game, which has become a big part of his recent streams. Despite the fact that he has been preoccupied with it, he did not expect to see this.