Ludwig just posted a TikTok video that shows other well-known streamers performing his Luddy dance improperly.

The YouTuber’s dance became well-known a few weeks ago at TwitchCon when a video of him doing it went viral on the internet. A lot of people laughed right away, but it didn’t take long for the motion to essentially become a viral internet hit. 

Ludwig recently revealed that although the Luddy appears to be brand-new to the outer world, he and a friend actually designed it some years ago while they were theater students in high school. Ludwig persuaded a number of individuals to attempt doing the dance on camera while at the wedding of fellow streamers Abe and Wendy. 

Naturally, the content creator turned the video into a TikTok, which received close to seven million views online before becoming viral. The streamer responds to the many Luddy attempts in a recent TikTok-focused YouTube video, roasting several of them in amusing fashion. Ludwig gave Valkyrae’s dancing performance a 9.9 out of 10, for instance. He gave Abe’s effort a score of 9 out of 10. Others weren’t as fortunate. 

Wendy “sucked,” which is why she only received a 1. Janet Rose Xu, also known on YouTube as xChocoBars, had zero ratings. Ludwig questioned the discussion “what the f-k is Janet doing” when her segment of the video started playing. It’s obvious that she wasn’t performing the Luddy, at the very least. Ludwig stated later in the video that content creator Brodin is deserving of an 8 out of 10. 

The creator of Luddy claims that even though the dance is performed incorrectly—”heels down moving the toes, instead of being toes down moving the heels”—it still “looks kinda cool.”