On November 18, Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys publicly chastised Streamlabs for allegedly stealing their competitor’s work and utilizing the name of OBS Studio, an open-source and free tool, without their preferences.

The following day, the streamer ended her relationship with the corporation, claiming that it was utilizing photographs of her without her permission.

Asmongold has now weighed in on the subject, offering his thoughts on the claims leveled against the corporation.

Asmongold was streaming on zachrawrr, his secondary Twitch channel, when he mentioned his feelings regarding Streamlabs.

“The fact is that Streamlabs is not a clown show; it appears to be the entire circus,” the streamer stated. People are furious that Pokimane and Hasan are both criticizing and using stream labs at the same time. I’ll tell you why: it’s most likely due to their affiliation with the website.”

“How do I know,” he continued, “because I have one as well.” If this ever makes it to YouTube, it won’t be for very long.”

After that, Asmongold discussed whether or not he would continue to use the service on Twitch.

“Whenever I return to my main channel if I don’t feel like the corporation has done what I want them to do, which is unlikely,” he explained.