When “HasanAbi” Piker attempted to view the most recent Middle Ground episode from Jubilee on today’s stream, he received a tremendous shock.

The director encouraged the streamer to participate in a future edition of one-on-one debate against a conservative spokesperson like Ben Shapiro. 

Piker, a well-known political analyst known for his liberal stances, has responded to Jubilee content for a while now because it also deals with socio-political subjects in a game-show format. Many streamers, including xQc and PewDiePie, who have responded to Jubilee on their own livestreams and/or videos, frequent the YouTube channel. 

HasanAbi is startled early on in today’s stream when he began to watch the most recent episode of Jubilee’s Middle Ground. The streamer was confused when, as soon as the video began, a footage of him responding to a prior clip from the YouTube channel began to play. The Turkish-American streamer was so confused after hearing the director that he had to pause the video and point out the fourth wall being broken: “What the f*ck! Wait, what!?! What the, you chill. I had to turn that off. That was weird man. Okay, calm down. What? Ay yo, dude. They broke the fourth wall dude, that’s like, you can’t do that.”

He continued calling it strange: “That was weird, that, um, ow. Oh, that’s a weird way to start a Jubilee video, bro. What the f*ck. Yo, Jesus Christ dude.” 

When his own clip from the video started playing, HasanAbi said to his audience that at first he believed there was a technical error. As latecomers wouldn’t be able to witness the event live, he also thanked those who had joined his stream earlier: “I was like, ‘Is that video I was watching that got f*cked up or something? Like, why is that… yeah that was odd. Okay. Oh no, this is why you come into the broadcast early.” 

Should Parents Ban Topics From Schools? Is the title of the video in question. And this is how he was asked to appear in a future video by the show’s director: “Hey Hasan, we know you’re going to react to this video, so we want to invite you to be in an episode of “Middle Ground.” Maybe a one-on-one discussion with someone like Ben Shapiro? So it’ll be great if you can announce your participation here first and we can get Ben’s attention. For now, enjoy the video.”