One of the most well-liked content producers in the area is MrBeast. He has built a sizable empire on YouTube over the years and gets along well with other creators.

MrBeast has previously spoken candidly about why he didn’t enjoy Sideman and Logan Paul’s collaboration video when he attended Logan Paul’s podcast Impaulsive. Some fans hypothesized that Jimmy’s motivation might have been his desire for the feud between KSI and Logan to continue indefinitely.

Internet personalities KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, TBJZL, Behzinga, Vikkstar123, and W2S make up the British YouTube group The Sidemen. Nobody anticipated that Sideman and Logan might collaborate since KSI is a member of Sideman, especially given the history of animosity between the two groups.

Logan and Sideman’s collaborative video allowed KSI and Logan to put their feud behind them and launch Prime Hydration, a beverage company. It’s interesting how well-known creator Miniminter addressed how they persuaded Logan to work with them and why Mr. Beast was upset with them.

Simon revealed they had no plans to cancel the fishing in the most recent “What’s Good Podcast” episode. He said that since Logan was already in the UK, they decided to invite him to a fishing trip that they had already planned. Logan agreed, much to everyone’s surprise, and they produced a fishing-related video together.

Later, Simon added that MrBeast had expressed dissatisfaction with their working relationship in one of the Impaulsive podcast episodes.

In fact, MrBeast might have felt let down after seeing such a significant fishing-related collaboration, similar to many other fans.

Jimmy challenged Tyler “Ninja” Blevins to a League of Legends match a few days ago. Even though Ninjas had two professional League of Legends players on their team, MrBeast took the victory. It’s interesting to note that Team Mr. Beast, made up of Mr. Beast, Voyboy, Mizkif, Yassuo, and Emiru, won the match.

They outperformed Tyler1, Sapnap, Ninja, Doublelift, and Ludwig‘s Team Ninja. After seeing MrBeast’s abilities in the competition and realizing he wasn’t just talking in the interviews, several fans were understandably shocked. This event also resulted in the donation of $200,000 to two charities.

Which team, Team MrBeast or Team Ninja, were you rooting for?