With the release of Valorant patch 4.05, a new slew of bugs has surfaced. Raze is the latest Agent to receive what has been described as either a behind-the-scenes quiet nerf or a glitch’s punishment. In any case, Riot Games has disabled ranked queues until a new fix is released.

If you’ve been feeling a little off lately as a Raze player, don’t worry; your feelings are valid. Re-equipping weaponry after using the Agent’s blast packs and ult has been causing significant problems for players all over the world.

Players have expressed their dissatisfaction on Reddit and Twitter in recent days. They were all in agreement that they were having the same basic problems.

There were a lot of theories about what was wrong, but Riot was quick to respond on Valorant’s official Twitter page after so many players complained.

Initially, the company stated that a hotfix would only be available for a short time.

Regrettably, this turned out to be merely wishful thinking. Within an hour, a secondary announcement stated that the bugs, as well as the not-so-secret nerf, were proving particularly difficult for the beleaguered development team.

In addition to Raze’s inconvenient equipping issues, there was another bug reported by players following the patch. The spike defuse sound was not properly registering here, and players all over the map were not hearing it.

This appeared to be a problem that was felt by players across the board, rather than being limited to a single map. Completely at random.

We’ll let you know when Riot Games updates us on the status of the fix so you can get back into the ranked grind.