Kai Cenat hyped the spectacle with a video skit, as appears to be customary with gaming announcements, and stated that he will be spending the entire month of Black History Month in front of a camera for a 30-day subathon beginning tomorrow.

Cenat will start his marathon stream tomorrow at 5:00 PM CT, but unlike Ludwig’s wildly popular subathon from two years ago, which earned him the most active subscribers ever on the platform, this one appears to have a defined cap of 30 days. Cenat today published a humorous video to promote his impending 720 straight hours of programming in which he plays the role of a king who is brought around by flower ladies and awakened by live orchestral music in the morning. 

Kai, who in the sketch seemed to have forgotten, goes completely insane when his butler tells him he must start a 30-day subathon. He said; “What the fuck. The next 30 days of my life? Streaming? Me? Bro, I’m not doing that, 30 days is crazy. It’s about to be Black History month. I’m trying to be outside.”

Kai’s subathon is immediately following a three-day suspension. He didn’t immediately give an explanation for why he was suspended, but internet supporters hypothesized that it might be because he was on-streaming while consuming edible marijuana.

In Atlanta, Georgia, where Cenat resides and broadcasts from, marijuana use is prohibited, in violation of Twitch policy.