Dallas College’s Brookhaven campus has joined the eSports league of the National Junior College Athletic Association. Electronic sports, commonly known as eSports, are a type of competitive gaming in which players compete against each other using gaming consoles or computers.

The league will feature matches held solely on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 as well as game play across multiple gaming platforms.

Dallas College Athletics Director Sadiaa Jones expressed her excitement to be a part of the eSports community. 

The eSports league, according to Jones, will be a great addition to the college’s extensive spectrum of gaming degrees. She stated, “This might lead to rich employment options both in and out of the game design sector.”

Triston Davis, a former Brookhaven student and Twitch gaming streamer, believes he could have improved his gaming talents if the institution had offered eSports while he was a student.

According to him, the teams will assist pupils in developing crucial gaming skills as well as friendships.

The league’s addition by the college coincides with the surge in popularity of eSports. More than 50 schools and universities in the United States have varsity eSports programs, according to ESPN. Thousands of dollars in prizes are given out by the National Association of Collegiate Esports to go toward scholarships for competition winners.