Beginners, casuals, and elite players were now learning how to play Ultimate Team (FUT) in the hopes of earning red rewards by climbing the ranks and those who qualified will compete against one another for victories and points in order to climb the leaderboards.

Some players will occasionally give you free victories by putting the ball in their own net and quitting to finish their games faster. However, one occurrence occurred that resulted in a hilarious gaffe that Twitch was able to capture.

The moment was captured on Twitch stream of Nerdfire when an opposing player offered him a free victory, but, unfortunately, he dropped out of the game himself, resulting in a loss on his record.

We’re guessing this is a habit he’s developed, but watch the video below to see what happened.

Whether Nerdfire is used to quitting midway through a game or handing out free wins, he would have ended up three points short of where he would have liked to be this week, with players receiving four points for a win and only one point for a loss.

Nonetheless, it made us laugh, and we are confident that it is something he will never do again!