Kevin’s cheeky sense of humor amazes Pokimane, a popular Twitch streamer that has been making quite the news lately. She has her audience engaged by sharing her strange dating experiences with her fans as well as revealing very little about her personal life.

Fans are currently obsessed with figuring out whether or not “Kevin” is her secret boyfriend. In her most recent stream, a man named “Kevin” appeared out of nowhere. Fans are going crazy over this mystery man, despite the fact that the duo hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

Kevin made another appearance in one of Poki’s recent live streams, much to the delight of her fans. But then something hilarious happened that left Pokimane speechless, and she wanted to smother Kevin right then and there. All of this took place during Pokimane’s live stream, when she was joined by Kevin and another streamer named Aria. They were having a good time responding to Poki’s Twitch chat messages. A fan had written in with a strange life problem.

Pokimane was giggling as Kevin read out loud the awkward problem posted by the man. He even had an answer, much to everyone’s surprise, which made the situation rather embarrassing.

For all three of them, these back-and-forth questions and answers must have been a lot of fun. They jumped at the chance to see their favorite couple giggling, smiling, and were amused, as evidenced by their reactions in Twitch chats.