The live-action remake of Cowboy Bebop was published on Netflix on November 19th to mixed reviews. On the popular entertainment aggregate Metacritic, the show currently has a 47/100 average rating.

Hasan Piker decided to sit his two friends Will Neff and AustinShow, both members of the esports company 100 Thieves, down on November 20th and show them some of the show’s most problematic moments.

Hasan showed a clip from the program of a character cracking a really obscene joke to Jet Black, one of the characters.

“Oh my God,” Austin exclaims as he watches the video, and Hasan loses his head, yelling and shouting at his buddies in horror. “It’s so horrible. It’s terrible.”

“What’s the Pepe emote where he’s crying and crumbling, and there’s melancholy setting in,” Will says, referring to how depressed he became after seeing the clip. That’s exactly how I’m feeling.”

“Are we in a generation that’s basically butchering originals?” Austin wondered.

“We’re just relying on memories,” Hasan explained. Everything we develop has to rely on an earlier IP that has been proven to be successful, and we’re slowly but steadily undermining every single positive aspect of the preceding IP.