Popular Minecraft streamer Ranboo recently debuted, and his fans are ecstatic.

Ranboo, who is 18 years old, is one of the more private streamers, always hiding his face and his true identity. Over the two years he’s been active on YouTube and Twitch, fans have speculated about his sexuality, but he’s remained silent on the subject until now.

He held a Twitter Q&A on Sunday, inviting fans to ask him personal questions. One fan inquired about his favorite scene from the Netflix series Heartstopper, which centers on queer boys falling in love. He responded before linking to a series of previous tweets about his attraction to men.

Ranboo clarified that he was serious a few minutes later by writing “/srs” on his main Twitter account, which he later responded to with a clip from Heartstopper showing one of the protagonists taking a quiz that rates him as 62 percent homosexual.

Fans and peers reacted positively to his decision to open up, sending messages of encouragement.