Twitch streamer Forsen revealed his ultimate goal on the livestreaming platform during a recent Twitch stream.  He also explained why he doesn’t update his Twitter account whenever he goes live on Twitch.

Several streamers usually give their viewers and fans advance notice before they begin streaming so that fans do not miss out on their favorite streamer’s content.

The Swedish content creator was late during a recent broadcast, and fans were curious as to why. Some fans suggested that he tweet his streaming updates, but he provided an excuse for not doing so.

The former Hearthstone pro was running a little late for a recent stream earlier today. Fans were curious as to why the streamer was running late, and he explained that something had come up.

Fans in his Twitch chat began questioning why he doesn’t use his Twitter account to notify his viewers when he’s late. Forsen then sarcastically mentioned his end goal on Twitch, which is to get viewers and fans to abandon the livestreaming platform entirely.

In the first hour of his Twitch stream, the Twitch streamer thanked all of his new subscribers and began watching videos sent to him by his viewers.

More than 30 people commented on the clip in a reaction thread on the streamer-focused subreddit r/LivestreamFail. Several fans mocked the topic by adding their own take on the streamer’s viewpoint.