It’s difficult to ignore the fact that two massive titans have recently entered Call of Duty: Warzone. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about King Kong and Godzilla, who have arrived in Caldera as part of the Operation Monarch limited-time event.

Crossovers aren’t precisely new to Warzone, but they’re also not particularly popular. Horror villains like Leatherface and Billy The Puppet and 80s movie icons like John Rambo and John McClane have made appearances in the game. It can all feel a little pointless, and one streamer, in particular, isn’t impressed.

Twitch streamer, and YouTuber Nickmercs, recently took to Twitter to express his feelings about Operation Monarch, and he’s not a fan.

He is correct. The Operation Monarch reveal trailer appeared to set up an epic battle between King Kong and Godzilla, but the two never interact. Instead, the two titans serve as little more than props.

Your fellow players are still the main threat. It’s just that you now have to avoid being trampled to death by King Kong as he rages across the island, or being wiped out by Godzilla’s atomic breath.

Nickmercs wasn’t the only one who was disappointed. “That Warzone event 2.2/10,” fellow streamer DrDisrespect said on Twitter. Some people are enjoying Operation Monarch. It’s just not what we were expecting, which was to see King Kong and Godzilla fight on the ground. If you want to see these two classic monsters in action, or rather not in action, the event runs until May 25th.