Amouranth recently discussed her creepy streaming experiences, describing how she made a living off her image by curating suggestive content. Amouranth is one of the most popular female streamers on any platform, as well as a highly controversial figure who has been banned and suspended numerous times during her time on Twitch.

The information comes from an interview. According to Amouranth, even before she started streaming, she realized guys would sexualize girls just out and about in public and girls aren’t able to do anything about it, Amouranth said when asked why she started producing suggestive content and said that if guys are going to do this to you, girls might as well make the bag if they are comfortable doing that.

While streaming from her phone, Amouranth talked about being photographed without her consent and how such unwanted attention is what inspired her to make a career out of her image in the first place.

Switching from Twitch to OnlyFans, was primarily about empowerment. She compared it to Twitch and said it was a much safer environment.

The platform was previously mentioned by Amouranth. She recently launched her own e-girl agency to assist all women who are interested in streamlining, optimizing, and hiring assistants, editors, and other support staff for their content creation and fan site businesses.

Last week, the streamer took to Twitter to blame her success on the haters who tried to bring her down. Amouranth explained that haters telling her it’ll all come crashing down when she gets older has driven her to work harder than she could have previously mustered, leading to the hiring of staff who essentially help keep her pushing and maintain her forward trajectory.

Amouranth is planning to leave OnlyFans, a platform where she reportedly made over $1 million per month. The streamer stated that her various real estate and small business investments have now outpaced her streaming earnings.