For maximum craziness, a Twitch comedy troupe created a sitcom directed by and co-written with their viewers’ input.

The show makes use of Twitch’s built-in interactive features, such as polls and soundbites, to influence the story’s direction. Viewers can also influence the on-screen antics by sending images via Discord or Twitter.

Viewers could feed the lead character snacks or fire anyone they wanted, based on the loose premise of a character stuck in their mundane office job as they went through a day of interviews.

Viewers could pay Bits to interrupt the show with ‘Premium’ or ‘Deluxe’ farts, quickly devolving into the floor-level humor we should’ve expected from the start.

Viewers were quick to express their support for the concept, with overwhelming enthusiasm. We’re excited to see how these experiments evolve over time, with users like EverythingNowShow, Jerma985, and CodeMiko constantly shattering the rules of what’s ‘possible’ with a livestream.