EsfandTV is a Twitch streamer and Classic World of Warcraft player who has grown in popularity over the last year after he announced that he will co-founded the now-famous streamer organization One True King (OTV) with fellow streamers Asmongold, Mizkif, and Rich Campbell.

Esfand is known for his goofy and entertaining personality, and he is known for trying harmless gags for specific streams. One such opportunity rose after he was invited to Mizkif’s streamer show “Parasocial.”

Esfand stepped in for Scarra, who was unable to attend the event and fully embodied the latter’s persona, leaving many viewers speechless.

Esfand gained a lot of attention after his impersonation of Scarra, the famous ex-League of Legends pro, on Mizkif’s show “Parasocial.” Members of Offline TV competed against members of One True King, with Esfand filling in for Scarra, who had gone missing from the show.

Cast members that are present for the said show continued to refer to him as Scarra as a joke. Esfand took it a step further by hilariously imitating Scarra’s hydration method, which involves drinking a large amount of water from a large jug.

His gag of drinking water became more elaborate as the stream progressed, lasting longer and longer each time. It got to the point where he wasn’t even responding to questions and was simply “drinking” massive amounts of water all at once.

It was similar to the type of content Esfand creates on a regular basis to entertain and engage his audience. Fans in the chat room reacted to Esfand’s content in a very positive and healthy way and they were also particularly amused by Esfand’s impersonation

EsfandTV is a Persian-American livestreamer who is 30 years old. He is best known for playing World of Warcraft Classic, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

EsfandTV began playing MMORPGs as a child, beginning with the Dark Age of Camelot and continuing through World of Warcraft, which he has been playing since November 29, 2004. But he did it for his own pleasure, not to make a living as a streamer. He shared that he wanted to be a football coach when he grew up but he was unable to continue playing after suffering an injury in college. He continued to work with coaches as an assistant for two years while in college, but the job he was pursuing fell through. It had been a week since he graduated and he still hadn’t found work.

When Esfand attended Dreamhack in 2018, he gained a lot of traction and momentum. Esfand’s popularity skyrocketed after the official release of Classic World of Warcraft in August of this year. Other World of Warcraft streamers like Asmongold, McConnellRet, and SodaPoppin joined him. His Retribution Paladin is well-known.

Esfand, Asmongold, Mizkif, and Rich Campbell announced in October 2020 that they were forming One True King (OTK), a streamer organization based in Austin, Texas, that would focus on content creation and a professional World of Warcraft team.

Esfand has a large Twitch following, with over a million followers and over 6,000 viewers per stream. He also has a YouTube channel, which has 206k subscribers and 34 million views.