Ludwig Ahgren has been creating content across multiple platforms for over four years. Ludwig is the latest Twitch streamer to make the switch to YouTube, where he has an exclusive streaming and content creation deal.

Ludwig explained how much YouTube Shorts, the video website’s competitor to TikTok, pays content creators. Even for videos with millions of views, the answer was shockingly low. This is due to the fact that Shorts do not display advertisements, and while creators can secure personal sponsors for Shorts, YouTube itself pays very little.

Ludwig’s Short finally surpassed 10 million views, and was on the verge of crossing the 12 million mark at the time of filming. Ludwig reacted to fellow streamer Jschlatt banning all Minecraft players from his account in the video. After its initial release, the video went viral, with even the repost surpassing millions of views.

Ludwig challenged viewers to estimate how much money he made from the Short. The YouTube streamer said, “Take a guess.” “$100? $1,000? $10,000? “The real answer is $85.02,” says the narrator.

Ludwig compared it to a video that had significantly less editing and a shorter run time but didn’t use the YouTube Shorts algorithm. Despite receiving only a small percentage of the views, this video earned the creator $1,700.

Ludwig went on to say that this video wasn’t made to elicit sympathy, despite the fact that he was one of Twitch’s highest-paid streamers prior to his departure. Instead, he wanted to be open with fans and those considering a career in content creation.