Dr. Disrespect is well-known for his outrageous online persona. Guy Beahm, the man behind the mask, designed the Dr Disrespect character to be a villain, and he frequently confronts his fellow content creators, which has made him popular. Unsurprisingly, this has caused him to ruffle a few feathers in the gaming community. 

Dr Disrespect, for example, has a well-known Twitter feud with FaZe Clan‘s Nickmercs over Call of Duty Warzone‘s controller aim assist. He also had a few choice words for QTCinderella’s unofficial 2022 Twitch Streamer awards. However, the majority of Dr Disrespect’s insults are directed at his friends, whom he enjoys teasing for the amusement of his fans.

When Dr Disrespect’s friends Nadeshot and CouRage announced that they were working on a video game called “Project X” at 100 Thieves, fans were eager to hear what Dr Disrespect had to say. Mostly because the Two Time is friends with the 100 Thieves’ Nadeshot and CouRage, and the Doc is working on his own game. However, the community has already reacted negatively to Doc’s game, “Prokect Moon,” because it contains NFTs. The Two Time didn’t let that stop them from roasting “Project X” and the team behind it on Twitter.

Dr Disrespect broke his silence on the upcoming game on May 19th, two days after the “Project X” announcement. The Doc used the opportunity to make fun of his friends at 100 Thieves, which was hilarious.

Apart from a nine-minute video of NadeShot expressing his excitement for “Project X,” no other information about the game has been released.

CouRage had a few jokes up his sleeve. CouRage responded shortly after the Doc sent his Tweet. Apart from the hundreds of GIF reactions praising CouRage for crafting what many consider the perfect comeback, some called CouRage’s response a reasonable concern about “Midnight Society.” While CouRage will undoubtedly support his friend’s game upon release, his comeback was nothing short of hilarious. Nonetheless, with 100 Thieves’ massive organization and the impressive talent Dr Disrespect has gathered for his game, they both appear to be in good hands.