Twitch streamer and Apex Legends competitor Nick ‘NICKMERCS‘ Kolcheff has doubled down on his Warzone criticism after quotes from him were circulated in the gaming community.

Many in the gaming community were taken aback by NICKMERCS’ recent transition from Twitch streamer to Apex Legends Global Series competitor. Dropping Call of Duty in favor of Apex Legends was one thing, but hitting a pro standard in Respawn’s battle royale was quite another.

Despite the success of his switch, many fans have chastised Nick for switching titles and have demanded that he return to Call of Duty. The streamer is adamant about not returning to Warzone anytime soon.

In fact, he has been harsher in his criticism of the CoD BR in recent streams, claiming that it is vastly inferior to Apex in its current build. In a May 20 tweet, he doubled down on his position, addressing fans who were still upset about his choice of game.

With so many people hearing his ideas for the first time, Nick responded by reiterating his position and explaining why his words were so important.

Warzone fans have pressed him to return to the game full-time, but given his dissatisfaction with its current state, it appears increasingly unlikely. When compared to the “immaculate” Apex Legends, Twitch viewers will have to accept that he’ll be sticking with Respawn’s BR.