During a recent livestream, Twitch streamer Jeremy “Disguised Toast” reacted to OfflineTV‘s latest video, OfflineTV Credit Card Roulette. Viewers were intrigued as he watched the 20-minute video because every content creator in the video had security personnel following them around.

Pokimane’s famous streamer group, which includes Disguised Toast, Sydeon, Masayoshi, Kkatamina, and Aria Saki, released a video earlier this month. The group members in the video played a credit card roulette game and kept buying things until the card was maxed out.

Disguised Toast responded to the same video with some behind-the-scenes details. At the 13-minute mark, an OTV member shared a Discord conversation in which Sydeon stated that she had purchased new sneakers for her bodyguard.

Viewers were intrigued by this incident, and they inquired about Toast’s bodyguard situation. He clarified that every OfflineTV member in the video was accompanied by security.

Although Toast’s response was lighthearted banter, there have been times when IRL streamers and content creators have been caught off guard.

Twitch streamer Justketh faced a terrifying situation earlier this year when a biker attempted to rob her while she was hosting an IRL stream late at night in Thailand.

Fans in the YouTube comments section echoed the streamer’s sentiments, believing that popular Twitch streamers and content creators should hire private security when streaming outside.

Some fans shared stories about how American stand-up comedian and celebrity Dave Chappelle was recently attacked on stage. Disguised Toast is a well-known member of the OfflineTV streamer collective. He currently has over 2.5 million followers and averages 26k views per video.