Brett Cooper fired back at Twitch streamer Hasan Piker’s criticisms last week with a scathing retort.

Cooper, who hosts The Daily Wire’s “The Comments Section,” said her existence “triggered” the former Young Turks journalist enough for him to make a video about her. To respond, she chose specific clips from his original video.

Cooper’s appearance, according to Piker, was eerily similar to Ben Shapiro’s, but she was female. He scoffed at one point, “Brenda Shapiro.” Cooper has previously addressed the issue and even made social media jokes about it.

Many of Piker’s complaints revolved around Cooper’s lack of “authenticity,” which is largely due to The Comments Section’s studio production. Cooper responded by saying she’s never kept her location a secret and even documented the process of setting up her space on video.

Piker referred to Cooper’s location as a “fake room” and expressed disappointment that Cooper was not streaming, which she claims is no secret on her part.

Cooper can’t have “real” moments of “pure outrage,” according to Piker, because she chooses her topics ahead of time. Cooper responds that she selects all of her own material and that while her videos are edited later, the reactions are genuine.

Conservatives are quick to label everything grooming, according to Piker. He watches a video of Cooper criticizing the curriculum but then makes an interesting admission.