New World‘s viewership has dropped dramatically on Twitch since its first debut, as the hype surrounding Amazon’s MMO begins to fade.

Massive MMO debuts are rare, so it’s safe to assume there was a bit of hype surrounding Amazon Game Studios’ New World when it was released on September 28th. 

The community was eager to dive into the world of Aeternum and begin their adventure, with over 900,000 continuous players on Steam at launch. Despite complaints about high queue times, the game’s massive popularity was reflected on Twitch, where the game’s category remained at the top for several days. However, two weeks after its release, the initial hype has died off, and the game’s viewership has plummeted.

New World’s viewership has dropped dramatically in the previous seven days, after an incredible start on Twitch. New World’s average audience count and hours seen had decreased by roughly 58 percent this week, according to SullyGnome. Not only that, but the category’s top viewership was 331,000, down 66 percent from the previous week’s figure of 650,000.

While these figures reflect a drop in interest for Amazon’s new MMO, this was to be expected considering the amount of hype the game received upon its initial release.

Although those data don’t indicate any growth for New World on Twitch, it’s likely that as the dedicated player base grows, the viewer count stats will level out. 

There’s no cause to be concerned about the game’s health just yet, with over 400,000 concurrent gamers still logging on to play in mid-October. To keep players interested and returning to the world of Aeternum, Amazon Game Studios will need to release some fresh content in the near future.