Another well-known Twitch personality weighs in on the reaction meta.

Even the most well-known names in the industry, no content creator on Twitch is exempt from the platform’s rules. Imane Anys, AKA Pokimane, was the center of attention last night after receiving a 48-hour Twitch ban. After watching Avatar: The Last Airbender on stream with about 25,000 other viewers on her channel, the Moroccan-Canadian streamer was banned.

While the reason for her ban hasn’t been confirmed, it’s clear that her stream, as well as her channel, was taken down due to a clear DMCA violation.

Since Twitch became subject to stricter DMCA rules, a lot of copyrighted content has been almost entirely avoided in order to avoid bans like this. Streamers were forced to go so far as not to play any song they wanted for fear of running afoul of the copyright law.

Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo commented on the situation, saying that it “wasn’t worth it,” referring to this fairly old “reaction” meta. He was doing the same thing, but he acted quickly to remove his clips and streams that would be subject to the same copyright takedowns.

To some extent, the backlash against Pokimane for her ban is justified. DMCA laws have been around for a long time. With a platform as large as hers, she was only making herself more of a target. The content was not sufficiently transformative to be considered her own.

However, the ongoing Twitch “meta” appears to be coming to an unsurprising end. Similar things have happened to people’s channels on other platforms as part of similar 3-strike systems. It’s a clumsy way to profit from essentially plagiarizing other people’s work.

Other “metas” have been established in the past that have gotten Twitch into a lot of trouble.

The community has pushed back against the legitimacy of streamers and their professions cashing in on lazy, uninspiring, and controversial trends, such as gambling, “sexy ASMR,” and hot tub metas.

Twitch began as primarily a gaming platform, but it has since expanded to include IRL and other categories. While those aren’t as hotly debated as they once were, this latest one will rekindle debates about fair use and other copyright laws.

Fortunately, the story comes to a happy conclusion. By Monday, Pokimane’s channel will be restored. She’ll be back Monday morning for a 12-hour comeback stream.