Alinity, a well-known Twitch personality, stunned viewers by confessing that she has never experienced stalking and offered a very intriguing idea as to why.

One of the most popular streamers is Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon, who has over a million followers on Twitch alone in addition to a sizable following on OnlyFans, Instagram, and Twitter. Alinity claims that despite having a large number of followers, she hasn’t encountered a stalker like other members of the community like Amouranth, who had to cope with several horrific situations during TwitchCon. 

The Colombian-Canadian theorized why she doesn’t have any stalkers during a Twitch show on November 8 and attributed it to her strong “mommy” demeanor deterring them. Mogollon questioned a fellow streamer in chat if they agreed that her personality has a significant part to play in why stalkers don’t want anything to do with her. She said; “I think, even though I’m short, I give people dommy mommy vibes and people are scared of me. The male attention I attract isn’t guys trying to take me down, but guys who want to kiss my feet.”

The phrase “dommy mommy” generally refers to a woman who is kind but assertive, and it has recently grown to be quite a desirable personality attribute. The Twitch celebrity continued by stating that anyone attempting to “f**k with her” or break into her home would regret it. 

She added; “I’m crazy, yo. If you’re trying to harm me, trust me dude, I’m Latina. Like, it’s not going to go well for me. So please, keep your distance from me. Don’t be creepy.”

The streamer also mentioned how she came to Austin, Texas after spending many years living in the little Canadian city of Saskatoon, where she never had a stalker. Of course, this is all just the Twitch star’s theory, but given the facts, she may have a point when she claims she’ll keep up her “dominant” persona if it ensures her safety.