Twitch Star Felix Lengyel AKA xQc recently provided an update on his current living situation and why he is currently unable to return home.

With xQc’s living situation, he has dealt with a lot of issues. During his previous stream, he revealed that he had been dealing with “daily” swattings on his Texas home, which he had been forced out of, and last July, he revealed there had been a home invasion involving a man wielding a crowbar, which increased his apprehension about returning to the house and that strange things also began to happen to him when he moved into his fellow streamer Sodapoppin’s streaming house also prompting him to leave as well.

xQc provided an update on his plans and explained why he is still unable to return home as he cycled through different living situations.

xQc said in response to a comment on his Twitch channel about his living situation saying that he has to get out of his previous home and that can’t even go back to his house because it’s unsafe.”

After a brief pause, he continued saying that people continue to show up at his house, making it unsafe for him at the moment and added that if people stopped showing up at his house and breaking in, he’d go home.

xQc appears to be completely fed up with his living situation, which is understandable. He’s previously stated that discussing the swatting issues on stream isn’t a good idea saying that it gets worse.

Many fans have expressed their desire to see the streamer return to familiar surroundings, but only if it is safe for him to do so.