During a recent live broadcast, Youtube streamer Corpse husband has decided to stream on Twitch together with fellow streamers and friends including Sykkuno, Ludwig, and the OfflineTV crew to play in the popular Twitch horror games like Friday the 13th and Dead By Daylight.

Corpse Husband, a faceless youtube personality who is known for his deep voice that captivated his fans. He has gained popularity in the year 2020 a rise helped along by Among Us and he is also a musician who produces amazing songs. It’s the voice that’s rallied 7.6m YouTube subscribers and rakes in over 6.2m monthly listeners on Spotify and Apple.

Recently, his deep voice even rocked Twitch on debut gaining him more than 1 million followers even just having one stream on his twitch channel. Now, he once again decided to stream on twitch and play some twitch’s horror games like Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight too.

It turns out Corpse Husband’s iconic voice adds that little extra something to Twitch horror games as his voice makes him the perfect Twitch psycho killer when he’s playing horror games. During the stream along with other twitch streamers, Corpse was often playing the killer and his deep baritone voice immediately took over the whole interaction.

Corpse Husband fans were absolutely loving the faceless star’s turn as a Twitch killer too, with dozens suggesting his voice was the highlight of the games. One fan even stated; “If Corpse actually ran after me to kill me, I would be dead just by listening to all the phrases he uses with that voice. No need to choke or use a weapon!”