As someone who considers themselves a casual Halo fan (I’ve played all of the numbered games but not the spin-offs), I was hoping for the best but not expecting it from Halo Infinite. After all, we all saw the footage last year, and it’s unlikely that a worse first impression could be made. 

However, now that I’ve played the multiplayer, I really enjoyed it, and sites like GameCentral seem to think the single-player is fairly good. Given how little else has been released this year, may Halo Infinite end up as a contender for game of the year? Is it possible that the winner will be the winner?

I know it’s not in The Game Awards because it’s out the same week, but I think this will be at the top of several of the year’s best ten lists in the coming months. What a 180-degree turn, huh? It’s clear that it’s a reflection of Xbox and how they’re finally starting to reclaim their role as a player. I applaud them, and not only because I own an Xbox. For us gamers, the more competition there is, the better.

That would never happen with a Sony game, and Microsoft and 343 appear to be having severe leadership issues. Even for Microsoft, a $500 million budget is ridiculous. Phil Spencer would have a lot of explaining to do if I were in charge.

It’s unusual that I feel obligated to openly support a ‘game,’ if you can call it that, but I was able to spend some time with Kid A Mnesia Exhibition on PlayStation 5 the night it was released. Radiohead had originally intended for this to be a physical exhibition of these two albums, but circumstances have allowed us to turn it into a ‘game,’ and we’re all the better for it.

If you like Radiohead, you should definitely check this out; it’s a complete triumph in my opinion. As a fan, this experience gave a whole new level to the songs, much like a live concert would.

Non-fans will be turned off, but as someone who enjoys this type of music, the centerpiece performance of How to Disappear Completely, as well as the other tracks, was transcendental and immersive in a way I’ve never experienced before (confession, I may have had a drink). In short, it was a fascinating and unique experience that is available for free download and well worth mentioning! And, of course, wear headphones.