Recently, the hashtag #TwitchDoBetter started trending and the streaming platform Twitch is now under more scrutiny as its users and streamers demand firmer action against the ‘hate raid’ harassment.

Twitch terms of service condemns any “hateful conduct” on its platform which specifies discrimminatons based on color, ethnicity, and race but unfortunately, follow bots and bigots do still operate on the platform and an unknown users are creating hundreds of accounts just to harass the platform’s marginalized streamers with racist spam.

Recently, the #TwitchDoBetter on Twitter that was created and started by RekItRaven has gone viral and Twitch responded and addressed it once by announcing plans for the later year.

Following the statement of Twitch regarding its plan for level ban evasion detection and improvements in the account verifications, Twitch has not responded again since then and that was the first and last people heard from the company regarding the hate and issue in the platform.

Users of the platform are not happy with it as the harassment increased. Streamers affected continued to support each other as creating another hashtag #SubOffTwitch hoping that the platform responds again and hopefully takes an urgent action. Along with the said hashtags used ti bring the attention of the streaming platform, streamers also made a petition and a group of hate raids response under the Twitter username @EndHateRaids.

Twitch is under more scrutiny after the affected streamers of hate raids haven’t heard anything else from the platform besides its “plan” with unclear and unknown when they will do it.

Last August 18th, Twitch Support announced new VOD and clip settings. Many replied to the announcement asking the platform with their actual response to hate raids and what they are going to do to protect its users and atop the attacks to all of its streamers of all kinds.

Unfortunately, Twitch continued to ignore those affected streamers and its questions. The lack of action from the platform has left people in social media in an uproar citing that enough is enough and that the platform must “Do Better”.

Sadly, hate raids are not new to the platform. It consists of mass-created hot acciunts spamming homophobic and racial slurs direscted at marginalized content creators while streaming leading them to ruin the stremer’s mood and reputation, leading them to just end their stream due to the hate and verbal attacks.