Twitch streamer and youtube content creator Ben Cassell famously known online as CohhCarnage has shared some thoughts regarding Twitch’s sub-pricing change.

CohhCarnage is a popular streamer on twitch gaining more than 1.4 million followers on his channel where he plays a variety of games to entertain his viewers.

In his recent Twitter post, he responds to twitch’s recent announcement surrounding the sub pricing change.

Recently, Twitch has made an announcement stating that they will be expanding its local sub-pricing service to Europe. It is a change that will see the price for a subscription drop slightly than those in some areas of the country. However, despite this change that does benefit the viewer, it seems like it has been causing issues for the content creators on the platform.

Because of this, Cohh called for the platform to implement new reporting tools that would help creators project their income based on the change to subscriber revenue. Cohh said some viewers have reported spending 60 percent less, or even higher on their subscriptions as a result of the local sub-pricing initiative. With this being the case, and a new ad system being rolled out to some creators, having the ability to see how much revenue they are set to earn with the change in pricing, is integral for streamers so that they can tailor their advertisement strategy accordingly.

Here’s what CohhCarnage said; “It will be pretty unfortunate if a bunch of new ways to get money involving ads get pushed in before creators can even get a handle on their projected losses from the sub changes. Help us, help you. Give us the info we need to make better decisions concerning monetization.”