Twitch streamer Jesse “MOONMOON” reported recently that The Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG) had filed a complaint against him for his criticism of German Super Mario Maker levels.

For those who don’t know, NetzDG is a German regulation that requires social networks with more than two million German members to permit reporting of information that violates specific provisions of the German Criminal Code. VODs, video, and chat messages are all included in this. When criticizing the game, the streamer said: “All German levels suck in Mario Maker 2.”

A German user recently complained to MOONMOON because his comments regarding German levels in Mario Maker 2 insulted her. He gave a detailed narrative, stating: “I got a NetzDG complaint. You guys know what that is? It’s the name of the legislation in Germany that regulates the internet. I’m not 100% on what it’s on.”

He continued by describing the prohibited online activity under German law: “Essentially, you can’t do certain things. I got my first one and I think someone from Germany was offended that I said ‘All German levels suck in Mario Maker 2,’ which they do and you’re about to see that is the case.”

He claimed to have received an email with an update on the complaint. Even though an email is typically a standard type of warning, the creator may frequently have their content restricted from being read in Germany if it breaches the German Criminal Code as specified in NetzDG. Readers should be aware that the NetzDG Act only applies to citizens of Germany.