Lucas “Buddha,” a Twitch streamer and GTA 5 roleplayer, provided yet another health update on Twitter. He said that he was back in the hospital for a minor procedure that he hoped would be the last step on the road to recovery.

The streamer originally made his impending operation for a brain bleed public on November 12th. A week later, Lucas disclosed that he had been released from the hospital following a successful procedure. However, he revealed in a Discord screenshot that he would need to have a “minor surgery on the skin” today, on November 23rd: “Small update, back at the hospital and they wanna do a small surgery on the skin because part of the incision they made isn’t healing properly, so they just wanna go in clean it out and re close it.”

Since suffering a brain bleed earlier this month, the well-known streamer has received ongoing medical attention. The current procedure, in his opinion, is not too serious. It would be non-invasive and unlikely to result in any consequences, he explained in the post: “Nothing near as bad as the first surgery because they won’t be opening the skull or going into the brain or anything like that so it should be quick and easy (As they say)” 

Buddha concluded the brief note by sounding upbeat about going back to his regular life once the wounds had healed: “Really hoping after this I can just start bouncing back and getting back to normal.” 

On social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, the message received a lot of shares. Fans shared meaningful notes and showed concern for their favorite GTA 5 livestream, wishing him a speedy recovery.