After being compared to a popular Toy Story character, Twitch streamer Squeex went on a banning spree. Al McWhiggins, the main antagonist of the Toy Story franchise, is the character in question.

Naturally, being compared to an evil character is not a pleasant experience, and his reaction reflected this.

A lot has happened on the Twitch platform in the last few weeks. Multiple suspensions have occurred, as well as rumors of ad policy changes. However, no matter what, one aspect of the streaming platform remains constant: streamers being trolled by their chat viewers and subjected to amusing comparisons.

Squeex, a Twitch streamer and Super Mario 64 Speedrunner, experienced exactly this.

Twitch streamer Squeex hilariously responded to a viewer’s comment during the most recent Super Mario 64 run. According to the comment, the streamer resembles Al from Toy Story.

Pulling a picture of Al from the internet in response to the amusing comparison.

For those unfamiliar, AlMcWhiggins is one of Toy Story 2’s two main antagonists. The fictional character is known for being a greedy toy collector who collects rare toys in exchange for large sums of money. The character is well-liked by fans and has appeared in several Toy Story video games.

As one might expect, the unusual comparison with such a well-known fictional character drew a lot of attention from the audience.

This isn’t the first time a streamer has been compared to a cartoon character or even a non-living creature. Pokimane, a Twitch star, was brutally trolled by her viewers a few weeks ago because of her checked print outfit.

Although it may appear to be amusing and harmless for viewers to mock streamers, it can be demotivating for the latter.