Adin Ross, a prominent Twitch player, contacted Ethan Klein to settle their dispute and even issued a weight loss challenge.

The year 2023 did not start off well for Ethan Klein and Adin Ross. Following Ross’s latest Twitch broadcast in which he called Klein a “fat f**k,” the two social media personalities started to fight. Klein retaliated by highlighting Ross’ close connections to Andrew Tate when the 22-year-old shaved his head following Tate’s arrest. However, after Ross responded to Klein’s video on the subject, the couple’s relationship now appears to be improving.

Ethan responded to Ross watching his movie on his stream in a video that was released to his personal channel on January 10. Adin acknowledges that describing Ethan as “fat” is “like that one Spider-Man meme where he points his finger” in the video. Ross continued, ” I challenge you to a weight loss journey. Let’s both see what we can do, let’s get in the gym. Let’s motivate each other by losing weight.”

In response, Klein said he was “totally down” and “loved” the thought of going on a weight-loss adventure with Adin in 2023. Ethan acknowledges that Adin will be at a disadvantage in the challenge because Klein now weighs a lot more than he does, giving him greater room to lose weight. Later in the video, Adin says he wants to settle the score with Ethan face-to-face. “We just gotta link up, bro. No weird s**t, I just wanna link up and give you a hug. We can sit down and talk. Cameras off and everything. At the end of the day, you’re Jewish and I’m Jewish, bro.”

He answered, “Hell yeah, bro,” and the 37-year-old podcaster was more than eager to put their issues behind them. The two streamers appear to ultimately come to an agreement in 2023, perhaps even documenting their weight loss adventures along the way.