An 18th-century cosplay streamer’s fantasy came true when Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa allowed him to take her “back in time” to 1776 for a date.

Amouranth, a popular OF and Twitch phenomenon, has been experimenting a lot with her shows lately, and the most recent example of this is a special 1776 date with another streamer, BenJammins. With his outrageous cosplays and in-character shenanigans where he pretends to be one of the founding fathers of the United States, the up-and-coming Twitch streamer has been steadily building a name for himself on the network. 

Amouranth was fascinated when Ben asked her out on a “18th century colonial stream date” in November so they could “party like it’s 1776.” His request required 1776 retweets, which he just about managed to get in order to get a date with his crush. Amouranth dressed in period-appropriate costume and, as promised, took her on a horse and buggy after she agreed to go on the special date and “travel back in time.” 

The two appeared to have a great time on their date as they enjoyed dancing, dining, and even engaged in some public physical contact. Amouranth even forced BenJammins to kneel down to her like a dog at one point, walked on him, and then sat on his back “like a bench.” The streamer made a joke, “Usually I only keep this for the private moments. But I have eight people staring at me with violin music playing.”

Both streamers’ communities found the broadcasts to be very popular, and it turns out that Siragusa has even more intriguing plans for subsequent streaming. Amouranth has said she has “TONS of fun projects in the works” for the upcoming six months as she gradually turns away from pornographic content after divorcing her husband.

If this date is any indication, we’re excited to see what she has planned for the remainder of 2023.