Twitch has seen an 88 percent increase in new streamers since the pandemic began, as more people took their hobbies online after being forced to stay home and inside. The number of creators on the app increased from 5.8 million in March 2020 to 9.35 million in April 2021.

Uswitch has released a new study that looks at how gamers have turned their online hobby into a career by partnering with successful streamer Knightenator to share expert tips.

Women are still in the early stages of esports success, despite the fact that nearly half of all video gamers are female (45%).

Female gamers are paid less than their male counterparts, demonstrating this disparity. Only 11 women are among the top 500 esports competitors. Male esport players earned 7235.5 percent more than female counterparts in the same industry, according to the study. 

Esports can bring in $745,017 for men and $10,156 for women.