One of the best battle royale games currently available, Apex Legends attracts players with its amazing champions and quick gameplay.

It also has a supportive community. For example, well-known streamer Aceu recently bet another streamer that he couldn’t deal a particular level of damage and gave him a huge gift of subs in return. Players may watch Extesyy playing a round of Apex when he notices that Aceu is following his account in a video posted on YouTube by NoobHunter. He can be heard responding in the video when Aceu tells him that if he manages to deal 4,000 damage, he will drop 100 gifted subs. While his first match didn’t go as he had hoped, he succeeded in getting there in his second game, and Aceu then keeps his word.

Aceu gave Extesyy another 100 subs after he played another match and received 6,000 damage. The video ended before Aceu reached his target of 42 subs, however it is likely that he gave three 100-sub gifts. With an average cost of $499 for 100 subs, he will receive slightly under $1,500 for exceeding his damage objectives for the game.

Even though the damage is impressive, it’s good to see larger streamers like Aceu helping out smaller ones who might not otherwise benefit financially from streaming.

Aceu enjoys playing a number of multiplayer shooters in addition to Apex. He recently left NRG and shortly after joined Sentinels.