Felix “xQc” recently experienced another stressful interaction with an AI bot, this time featuring Emmet Shear, the former CEO of Twitch.

The streamer has experienced problems with his robot making inappropriate comments, and this incident was no different. The bot addressed the streamer’s alleged views of the former Twitch CEO in a YouTube clip titled “xQC will get Fired After This” that was posted on the Twitch streamer’s official clips channel. The statement was cut off before it could complete because Felix rapidly moved on to the next query. AI xQc was questioned by Twitch user “MDPog” regarding Emmet’s departure as CEO of Twitch after many years in that position. He has been charged with being out of touch and unaware of what streams and watchers want. The automated response read: “Dude, I’m not even gonna lie bro, like that guy was absolutely braindead, you know? He was actually, like, an actual NPC.”

Before xQc realized what was going on, the bot responded to the query, making some pretty unfavorable remarks about the previous leader. “Yo! Yooo!”

The streamer interrupted the robot before it could continue and directed it to the following query: “How do you feel about chat?” He would rage about it for a short while before ceasing further conversation. The AI chatbot’s other inquiries were innocent, but this one briefly made the streamer anxious. Most likely because the robot, which mimics him, spoke poorly of the business. The job or contract of the content author might be affected in some way by this.